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That vs. Which: Which Word Should You Use?

Should you use that or which in this sentence? The debate can confound some writers, but the answer may actually depend on where you live.

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Should You Ditch Adverbs?

Writers sometimes hear they should “never use adverbs.” We think that’s a bit silly. Here’s why you might sometimes need an adverb or two.

How Do Commas Work?

Have you ever stared at a sentence and wondered, “How do commas work anyway?” This guide is for you! We take a look at all things comma here.

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What Is Kindle Vella?

Many indie author circles are buzzing about Kindle Vella. What is this new platform, and can it help you on your author journey? We take a look at the history of serial fiction, Vella, and who is a great fit for it.

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Is the Singular They Grammatically Correct?

Some people will tell you the singular they is grammatically incorrect. As the evolution of English shows, they couldn’t be more wrong.

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Can a Grammar Checker Replace an Editor?

An AI grammar checker could be a great addition to your writing arsenal. But can it replace an editor? Not just yet–here’s why.

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Editing Is Violence

It might be strange to see a couple of pro editors knock editing. But editing can be a kind of violence when we don’t listen to our authors.

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What Kind of Editing Should You Buy?

What kind of editing does your project need? The different terms can be confusing, so we break it all down for you here.

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How Can You Find a Good Editor?

It’s easier than ever to find an editor. How do you know you’re finding a good editor, though? These tips can help.

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Why Should You Work with a Professional Editor?

With self-publishing, you can skip all the gatekeeping and take your work straight to market. The question is, should you? You might want to reconsider your stance on working with a professional editor.